How to use this service

No. 1

1. Sign up (website)

2. Join us for a Live Chat after sign in(SOS call)

No. 2

1. Sign up (website)

2. Call our customer center

No. 3

1. Sign up (website)

2. Inquiry at PREMIUM LOUNGE in Seoul Station


Customer Service


Categories of “easy travel care” and fare information 

Membership fee

2 days :  $7
3 days :  $10
4~5 days :  $15
6~14 days :  $25
15~21 days :  $30
22~30 days :  $39

    • Additional extension of period after joining is possible.

Medical Easy Care

  • Customized care service for accident such as traffic accident, safety accident.
  • Arranged the medical interpreter
  • A search for methods of medical expenses
  • All the papers for traveler's insurance, etc.

Easy Care at Airport

  • Providing the wheelchair
  • Concierge service
  • Care service for visa problem or urgent airline ticket
  • Care service for any complaints at airport

Easy Travel Care

  • Support service if you have lost item such as wallet, passport, etc.
  • Care service in an urgent case during the tour.
  • Arranging service for a car, Booking and issuing the transportation.
  • Support Service at immediately reservations for accommodation.

Easy Business Care

  • Interpreter&Translator arranging service
  • Support service for booking the meeting room and facilities.
  • Booking service the KTX or airline ticket

Special Benefit

  • Baggage Storage Service for free only 1hour(Travel Center at Seoul Station)
  • Baggage Delivery Service is 20% off.
  • A 50% discount for Premium Lounge at Seoul Station.
  • Airport pick up&sending services are 30% off.
  • Airport greeting&farewell service is 30% off.
  • A 10% discount for City Tour and Local Tour.